Bioinformatics and sequencing data analysis


​We provide bioinformatics research services from planning to completion, usually a publication or a custom-made data analysis pipeline. Please click the icons for more details on different collaboration options.

  1. Consulting to have a full bioinformatics team to assist you in any bioinformatics related issue
  2. Training to make sure that your staff is on top of current best practices in data analysis
  3. Research project for preparing a scientific publication or internal report on genomics
  4. software to enable consistent analysis of periodically accumulating sample sets


Next-generation sequencing data is the focus for most of our projects, but we can analyze all types of biological data. Click the icons to see more information on the available analyses. If you cannot find the analysis you are looking for, please let us know!

  1. Genomics analyses frequently aim at identifying and understanding genetic variation or mutations
  2. Transcriptomics projects probe the differences in gene expression or characterize unknown trancriptomes
  3. Epigenomics can be used to find DNA-binding sites or map chromatin state to understand gene regulation
  4. Other types of data or integration of many different data types can be used to make unexpected discoveries

Case studies

Our clients work in various fields, but the one thing they share is the need for sequencing-based solutions to increase their R&D and publication output. Please click the icons to see how we have helped our customers, and few specific examples of past projects.

  1. Pharmaceutical industry uses our services mainly in discovery phase and in retrospective studies
  2. Medical diagnostics facilities leverage DNA-sequencing and variant analysis to diagnose medical conditions
  3. Industrial biotechnology researchers characterize microbial genomes and transcriptomes with us
  4. Research organizations and universities conduct omics research on various topics, and we act as an external bioinformatics lab with them

Public references

Here you can find information about selected organizations we have had the pleasure working for.

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Active Biotech photo
Neuroproof photo
Roal ltd photo
Mylab Corporation photo
Modern Diagnostics photo
Ark Therapeutics photo
HiDucator photo
Biomedicum Functional Genomics Unit photo
VTT photo
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University of Helsinki photo
University of Tampere photo
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Scientific references

Check out the publications in which our bioinformaticians have participated to get an overview of our scientific background.

Our extensive scientific background has acquited us with a wide variety of biological applications, data types and analysis tool - all of the methods we have used in these papers can be a part of your next paper too.

Matti Nykter
Matti NykterChief Scientific OfficerGenevia Technologies

It's my personal mission to enable all life science researchers take full advantage of their complex data.

Matti NykterChief Scientific OfficerGenevia Technologies

Our story

Genevia Technologies was founded to support the growing life science research community with an easy access to modern high-throughput measurements and latest bioinformatics tools. In 2011, few years after the breakthrough of next-generation sequencing, Professor Matti Nykter realized that his research in computational biology and bioinformatics could benefit a much larger community than his current collaborators. However, the resources in the research group were limited. A natural conclusion was to establish a bioinformatics and genomics contract research organization that would provide NGS and data analysis services to researchers across the life science field.

Today, Genevia Technologies employs a close team of Finland based bioinformatics professionals with diverse backgrounds. Our approach is to integrate the whole team as a part of each client's research which we believe delivers the greatest impact with the least amount of expenses. We share Professor Nykter's vision that practically any life science R&D project can greatly benefit from implementation of correct high-throughput measurements and their efficient analysis. Currently, we work with pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics, medical technology, and industrial biotechnology as well as purely academic research.

Meet our team

In our projects, Professor Matti Nykter naturally ensures that the scientific quality will be up to your standards. Also, we know that running a successful project requires two-way interaction which is why we always assign a lead analyst with whom you can discuss during the project.

I like to think that running a successful project is as much cutting-edge bioinformatics as it is integrating an optimal team of professionals together.

Antti Ylipää
Antti YlipääCEOGenevia Technologies

Let's talk

We would love to hear from you! Send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Klaus Breitholtz
Klaus BreitholtzBusiness Development ManagerGenevia Technologies


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